Anna Banana Song

Anna Banana
by Michele Wagner 9/2017

New roomie in rehab, scared and sad
Gonna show her the ropes, tell her the coffee’s not bad
Straight from the psych ward in Germany
I want to warm her all up – keep her company

She’s a Double “D” – all jiggily
She’s just so god damn giggily
Cracks me up all the time
She just appeared with four bottles of wine

Turquoise eyes and pink pouty lips
Nearly six feet tall with curvy hips
Conquers all men with a grin and a wink
Hope he’s at the bar – gettin’ her another drink


A little je ne se qua – an international flair
She’s locked a smile on her face while she hides her despair
There’s a scar cbd products her wrist, a tell-tale sign
That all is not well all is just FINE*


A man in her pocket, a man in every port
She’ll leave them all behind, it’s all just for sport
She’s at a fork in the road – which way will she go…
She’s at a fork in the road – which way will she go…

*FINE = Fucked-up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional (FINE)

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