Do You Adapt to or Alter Your Surroundings?

I’m an adapter and my husband alters his surroundings.  We just moved to Silver Spring, MD and  find ourselves with an extra 300 square feet compared to our premium apartment in downtown D.C.  I’m giddy with the space and think all is lovely.

My husband has had almost all our appliances replaced and made them draw up a new lease to waive our security deposit fee.  So the front door did not swing freely to shut.  You had to actually pull it to close it.  I was totally fine with this.  A minor inconvenience.  My husband had the bottom 1/2 inch of the door shaved.  All is fine now.  The garbage disposal made too much noise – he demanded they replace it.  The light fixture in the kitchen was hideous but worked just fine.  He asked for an upgrade to the light and got it.

The clothes washer, stopped up – yes we have a brand new washer and dryer.  Large capacity.  The fridge was lacking shelves.  Of course he demanded three new shelves and they were delivered that day!  Left to my own devices, I’m sure I would have put up with all this crap.  He can be a real pain in the ass at a restaurant but often it is nice to have everything as you would wish.
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